New Owner/Renter Info.

ESTOPPEL REQUEST: contact the HOA President- Bradley Skarpness

Lender Questionnaire: there is a fee charged for completing the questionnaire which must be paid before the information is released.


OWNERS-contact for a coupon book to make your HOA Maintenance fee payment. Please write you account number on your check in case the coupon gets separated from the check. The coupon/check is to be mailed to the Arizona address on the coupon. You can also do auto withdrawal from your account to the bank. Info is on the website


***Please let your client know the water bill also includes septic and trash.

No satellite dishes on roof--must be mounted on a pole behind the unit and the location must be preapproved by the board. Contact the board president - see above email address.

HOA fees have been raised from $185/month to $210/month. All owners should have received the 2018 budget and a line by line of an explanation of the budget. If you did not, please contact the President of the HOA - his email address is located above.

Large item trash pickup (furniture, mattresses etc.) 321-221-7540 option 3 (you may leave a message of address and type of items).

Recycle bins are picked up on Wednesdays. PLEASE break down the boxes and NO Styrofoam-put in trash.